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The "House For Sale" sign has been in your front yard for so long that you're growing tired of seeing it, placard waving in the wind, stick pushed down through the hard earth. But, you dare not remove the sign. You need to sell your house and soon. Time is running short for you to buy and move into a larger house.

7 reasons why your house might be turning home buying off

You might be expecting the arrival of a new baby, a celebratory event that will make your current house instantly too small. Or you might be ready to downsize and move into a small house, potentially putting more income in your wallet and more travel options at your fingertips.

Intent and effort are there. So, what could be keeping your house from selling? One of the first items to look at if you're house is just sitting on the market is the price of your house.

Price - If your house has been on the market for several weeks and shifts in the market have occurred since you first listed your house, ask your realtor to run new comparables. Be willing to do independent market research as well.

Amenities - Older amenities at your house might be turning home buyers off. Consider upgrading small amenities like sink faucets and light bulb coverings.

Age -Similar to amenities, the age of your house could have a significant impact on some home buyers. A fresh coat of paint, replacing worn roof shingles and laying new carpet could give your house a younger look and feel.

Size - A house that is too small or too big could be keeping your house from selling. Decorative dividers, bunk beds and a daybed or home office could add more functionality to your home. So too could extra shelving, a removable pantry and tall organizers.

Neighbors -This one you may not have a lot of room to change. But, you can start developing rewarding relationships with your neighbors and doing what it takes to maintain those healthy relationships. It could make the difference between your neighbors being loud and obnoxious each time potential home buyers stop by for an open house or your neighbors changing for the better in response to your warmth.

Community -Entertainment, shopping and transportation options in the community that your house is located in could help your house to sell. Lack of these offerings can also be what is keeping your house from selling.

Curb Appeal - Step back and take an objective look at your house. Could the exterior of your home benefit from more color, plants, flowers or a greener lawn? How about the exterior paint or siding on your house? Do they need to be refreshed or washed?

To increase buyer interest in your house, think about what you want most in your next home.Think about what you wanted when you first moved into the house that you live in now. Add those amenities to your house. Also, ask your realtor for advice on what you can do to shorten the time that it takes your house to sell.