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Fall might arguably be everyone’s favorite season—regardless of where you live. In New England, the weather becomes full of days with unpredictable forecasts of warm and cool days with crisp breezes, the more frequent rain showers and the leaves turning to beautiful hues of red, purple,orange, and yellow. It’s a scene that no New Englander ever takes for granted.And with the new season comes new décor. Check out these tips and tricks for fun and creative ways to decorate your home with for fall with pumpkins.

Paint: Paint is an easy go-to when you want to do something different with your pumpkins. You can go simple by painting all one color or you can grab some stencils and try out a floral look. These simple designs would be a nice idea to compliment your other fall decorations.

Glitter: Whether you want to go all out and coat your entire pumpkin in glitter, create designs from stencils with glitter or make a simple polka dot covered pumpkin, you can never go wrong with glitter—and there’s never too much of it either.

Cut outs/Craft Materials: There are a multitude of craft materials and cutouts that can be used in creative ways with pumpkins. Turn your pumpkin into an owl with some googley eyes and some brown and tan craft paper or go simple and create a jack-o-lantern without all the mess.

Stack ‘Em: For a unique approach to decorating pumpkins,considering stacking them. You could turn your pumpkins into a snowman (if you are eager for the holidays), an owl, or even create a message with a letter or short phrase on each pumpkin.

Permanent Marker: Use permanent market to create decorative designs or write words/phrases. Darker colors work best on orange pumpkins. You might be able to get away with a few lighter colors on the white pumpkins. You can use stencils or go with the free hand—if you’re risky.

Washi Tape: Washi tape is all the craze in the creative world. It comes in so many colors and designs. It’s a great addition to almost any DIY project. Use the tape as is or cut into cute designs or little dots fora polka dot pumpkin.

Most of these ideas are simple and can be completed in just a couple of hours. And they are great for families, friends, or a day of DIYing with yourself. You can get all the items described above at your local craft store and be sure to be on the lookout for coupons to make this project even less expensive.

So now that you’ve decorated your home for fall with your creative pumpkin crafting, go on and get out there and enjoy the season. There’s plenty of apple picking, pumpkin picking, fall festivals, and family time to be enjoying.